The Importance Of Keeping Commercial Truck Insurance For Your Fleet

When you have a fleet of delivery trucks at your business's disposal, you need to protect them, their drivers, and you from a host of liabilities. You must ensure your fleet remains a viable asset to your company rather than a financial drain.

However, you also realize traffic accidents and vehicle mishaps can happen unexpectedly. Rather than shell money out of your personal or professional bank account for them, you can instead keep quality commercial truck insurance on the trucks in your fleet.

Paying for Wrecks

You might prioritize hiring the most careful and highly trained drivers. However, you also realize even the most cautious of drivers can get into wrecks. 

When your drivers cause wrecks, they become liable for covering the expenses of the other motorists, pedestrians, or property owners involved. Their liability may become that of your company's, leaving you to pay for the other involved parties' repair and medical bills, as well as other expenses like lost income.

These expenses can range in the thousands of dollars and greatly compromise your business's cash flow. Rather than pay it out of your profits or write a check from your personal bank account, you can have the victims make claims against the commercial truck insurance you have on all of your trucks. The insurer may cover most or all of the victims' bills and spare you these costs.

Payment for Damages

You may also face exorbitant costs if any of your trucks get damaged. Damages like hail dents, key marks, slashed tires, and cracked windows can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. You may want to avoid having to pay out as much of that money yourself.

The commercial truck insurance you have on your fleet trucks can pay for damages your trucks incur. The appraiser for the commercial truck insurance company can evaluate how much the repairs will cost and either cut you a check or pay the repair shop directly. The policy you have on your trucks may spare you from having to pay out for expensive body, tire, and glass repairs yourself.

Commercial truck insurance serves an important purpose when you want to protect your company's fleet trucks from a variety of liabilities. This coverage can pay for the costs of victims involved in wrecks your drivers cause. The policy can also pay for damages to the bodies, tires, and glass of your fleet trucks.